Georgian Shores Marina Owen Sound is proud to sell and service new and used Sea-doos. We carry the full line up featuring luxury, performance, recreation, rec lite and tow sport Sea-doos. We offer test rides on our Sea-doos to allow you to “try before you buy”. Georgian Shores Marina Owen Sound has qualified sales people to help you understand what Sea-doo is right for you.


And more customers recommend Sea‑Doo than any other brand.


Pushing boundaries with the exclusive on-water brake, suspension, Closed-Loop Cooling system and more.


Lowest entry level price in the industry; nearly 35% less than the competition2. No other watercraft even comes close.


Some Sea‑Doo models boast 35% better fuel efficiency than the closest competitor3.


No other watercraft on the market delivers on-water suspension for the most comfortable ride.


Leading the industry in the most exhilarating and heart-pounding ride.


Race inspired ergonomics led the RXP‑X® to 5 world titles. The exclusive Ergolock™ system with a narrow racing seat with deep knee pockets, angled footwell wedges and adjustable steering column, allows riders to lock in for even more control.


Sea-Doo has numerous design awards to go along with the acknowledgement by the U.S. Coast Guard for improving boating safety since 2009.


The Sea-Doo exclusive iBR® (Intelligent Brake and Reverse) has been recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard for improving boat safety since 2009. Activating the second-generation brake system allows you to stop up to 160 feet sooner than watercraft not utilizing a brake. The revolutionary design also lets you keep both hands on the handlebar while in neutral, forward or in reverse, for greater control and easier maneuvering around docks and other boats. And it’s as simple and instinctive as squeezing the handbrake on a bicycle.


The exclusive suspension system delivers comfort and control for a smoother, longer ride in any condition. The pioneering design allows the hull to move independently of the upper deck with 5.5” (14 cm) of travel, isolating the rider and passengers from the impact of choppy water.


With unmatched high performance, superior fuel efficiency and proven reliability, Rotax engines continue to set the standard in the industry. Every model features the industry-exclusive Closed-Loop Cooling System to keep corrosive saltwater and debris out of your engine for peace of mind in any water. NEW for 2017 is the Rotax 1500 HO ACE and all ACE supercharged engines are now MAINTENANCE FREE.

Georgian Shores Marina Owen Sound is proud to be an authorized dealer of Starcraft aluminum and fishing boats. Whether you choose one of our stock boats or custom order it. We will find the right fishing boat for you. These aluminum fishing boats are perfect for Georgian Bay and surrounding waters.

Starcraft fishing boats are as tough as the die-hards that rely on them. That’s because we turned to the pros for advice.

Both our aluminum and fiberglass fishing boats are designed and built with input from professional fishermen – the guys who are out there every day and know what it takes to be a winner.

Starcraft fishing boats are NMMA Certified and meet or exceed all U.S. Coast Guard requirements. But we take it even further. Our fiberglass boats are painstakingly constructed to the most exacting standards for industry-leading quality and rugged durability. And, we only use the toughest aluminum out there – 5052 H34 marine grade – so our aluminum boats resist dents, dings and corrosion. Finally, we apply a multi-step painting and finishing process to every boat we make, so you look good while you’re reeling them in, season after season.

  1. HEAVY GAUGE ALUMINUM is de-coiled into flat sheets that are ready to be cut, bent and molded for production.
  2. CNC ROUTED parts are cut out on a CNC router to the exact dimensions to fit perfectly into every boat.
  3. ONE-PIECE ALUMINUM BOTTOM is folded and molded to the greatest intrinsic shape.
  4. RIVETED for superior strength, allowing the flexing needed for a smooth, dry ride.
  5. 5052 H34 Marine grade 100 gauge aluminum resists dents, dings and corrosion for years of reliability.
  6. THROUGH BOLTED TRANSOM BRACES are through-bolted through the transom to allow for the high horsepower engines.
  7. POWER-TRAC HULL® Our shock-absorbing Power-Trac Hull® combines longitudinal, machine-formed ribs with Starcraft’s exclusive Torsion Beam Construction (TBC) stringer system that flexes with the waves instead of against them, providing greater strength and a smoother ride.
  8. 7-LAYER PLYWOOD FLOORS injected with urethane foam deliver maximum buoyancy, and all carpet and vinyl is installed with spray adhesive to avoid any loose fitting materials.
  9. FULL PAINTED HULLS are first primed before painted and twice baked to provide showroom looks for years to come.
  10. ALL DECALS are installed by hand, giving the boat a finished look that is unmatched.

Georgian Shores Marina Owen Sound is your local authorized Highfield Dinghy dealer. Highfield’s are a premium R.I.B.S. These aluminum inflatable boats are light weight and durable. Highfield dinghy’s range in size from 8 feet to over 21 feet. Add a console to experience the ultimate ride on the water.


Highfield inflatables have evolved from many years of development in some of the toughest conditions in the world, the Great Barrier Reef of tropical Northern Australia. They are a direct descendant of the Australian Swift range of aluminum hulled RIBs now in service for over 20 years.

Swift has supplied boats for leisure as well as professional uses with most of Australia’s Water Police and government agencies having a number of Swift RIBs in their fleet.
Tough, reliable and thoroughly tested, Highfield comes to you with a champions pedigree.

When producing our boats, we use processes that are non-polluting and conserve energy and natural resources, making it economically sound and safe for employees, communities and consumers.

We make efforts to chose the right materials not only to build the Highfield boats tough and durable but also to make them environmentally friendly.


The Highfield aluminium hulls bring strength and light weight to the boats. As a consequence the boats require less horse power to propel them which means smaller outboard engine for same propulsion, lower fuel consumption and less CO2 emission.


Aluminium recycling is the process by which scrap aluminium can be reused in products after its initial production. The process involves simply re-melting the metal, which is far less expensive and energy intensive than creating new aluminium. Recycling scrap aluminium requires only 5% of the energy used to make new aluminium. The nature of aluminium makes the material one of the few “infinitely recyclable” materials used in society; it can be recycled infinitely with no loss in quality.


It is a paint in powder form which is electrically charged as it is sprayed onto a surface to be coated and then baked in an oven, where the powder particles melt and fuse into a smooth coating. The result is a uniform, durable, high quality environmentally safe and attractive finish.


There are several advantages of powder coating over conventional liquid coatings:
– No volatile organic compounds
– No solvents, meaning reduced fire risk, reduced risk in application and disposal of waste
– Powder can easily be recycled as extraction systems gather excess powder
– Raw material research has produced powders that can be cured at lower temperatures meaning lower energy consumption
– Thermosetting powder coatings often have higher chemical / physical resistance – reducing cost and fuel consumption involved in transportation and storage.

Georgian Shores Marina Owen Sound is an authorized dealer for Mercury and Mercruiser motors. These powerful, light weight 4 stroke motors will get you on plain quickly and keep you on the water in all conditions. Whether you are looking for a portable motor or a Mercury Verado Georgian Shores Marina has the motor for you.



Forget everything you know about FourStroke outboards. Ours change the game. Completely. They’re tougher, smaller, and lighter than any other FourStroke on the water. With a combination of performance and efficiency that will take your time on the water to a whole new level.


Pro XS®
When it comes to performance, a Pro XS gets you there like no other outboard. Maybe it’s the lightning-quick acceleration . The class-leading top speed. The legendary reliability. The superior fuel efficiency. Or all of the above. Pro XS – the most serious outboard on the water for the most serious fishermen on the water. Whether you’re chasing trophy fish, or just trophies.


Verado outboards have created a whole new set of standards for performance. No matter how you define it. Low noise and vibration? Check. Lower fuel consumption? Check. Supercharged four-stroke power and torque? Check. Everything. And then some. Verado.


OptiMax offers the time-proven power, reliability and fuel efficiency that only the Mercury-exclusive two-stage Direct Fuel Injection (DFI) can deliver. Outstanding hole shot and acceleration, impeccable handling at any speed. Even with all this, it’s still your best value on the water.

Georgian Shores Marina Owen Sound is your authorized Campion boat dealer. Campion boats are made in Canada with a beautiful fit and finish. Whether you are looking for fishing boat or bow rider Campion boats will not disappoint you. Campion boats have a 3 dimensional woven fiberglass hull that will stand the test of time. Campion Boats. High-tech, high-performance, luxury, sport utility, express cruisers, runabouts, stern drives, outboards, sport cabin, bow rider, closed deck, wake and surf boats. With more than 37 models and 48 variations, no other North American boat manufacturer offers this kind of choice.


Five Reasons Why Campion Should Be Your First Choice

1) 3 Dimensional Weave Fiberglass and Kevlar Reinforcement – The most technologically advanced fiberglass mat available on the market today. 3D Weave requires less resin for saturation, thus creating a lighter, stronger hull that requires fewer layers to obtain the desired thickness, thereby reducing the chances of delamination.
Campion is committed to your family’s safety and with this in mind, a layer of Kevlar is built into our hulls at the keel (the high impact area), reducing the chance of the hull being holed should the boat hit a shoal, deadhead or other underwater peril.


2) F.I.S.T. Stringer System – The Fiberglass Integrated Stringer Technology system featured in Campion boats allows for much larger bonding areas than a conventional stringer system and allows the bulkheads and floors to be bonded directly to the stringer system, reducing hull flex, improving fuel efficiency and speed by up to 10%.


3) Fuel Efficient Apex Hull Design – Campion’s industry leading Apex hull has redefined bottom design. Our award winning design technology expands the high pressure zones on a boat for faster planning and a more stable platform at high speeds. That means safer handling, exceptional performance, and better fuel economy.


4) In-Gel Graphics – Campion uses the highest quality gel coats in the marine industry. Our gel coats are tested biannually against all extreme weather and environmental conditions. Campion gel coat graphics and feature stripes are painstakingly laid out by hand and sprayed right into the mold, eliminating the need for tape graphics that are prone to dock rash and lifting.


5) We Care – At Campion Marine, we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint, while maintaining our dedication to building top quality, high-performance boats. We are a lean manufacturer who continuously seeks out ways to reduce waste and work with suppliers to provide more environmentally sustainable products.


At Campion Marine, we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint, while maintaining our dedication to building top quality, high-performance boats.

We are proud to be the first boat manufacturer in the world to use Envirez®, a renewably sourced bio-derived resin from Ashland Performance Materials. Envirez resin is the first resin that uses a substantial amount of soybean oil and corn derived ethanol in its formulation. The use of Ashland’s MAXGUARD LE gelcoats further reduces emissions.

We have switched to Ecomate environmentally friendly flotation foams and now use Acrastrip, an acetone replacement that is recognized in partnership with the Design for the Environment division of the U.S. EPA.

Our APEX hulls and F.I.S.T. stringer systems enhance performance and help reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%.

We are a lean manufacturer who continuously seeks out ways to reduce waste and work with suppliers to provide more environmentally sustainable products.

Georgian Shores Marina Owen Sound is your authorized Evinrude motor dealer. Evinrude is changing the way motors look and feel. These 2 stroke motors are the most advanced in the industry. The G2 Evinrude is the most powerful motor in its class. From the stylish look of the G2 to the colour coordinated panels to match your boat. Evinrude motors simply out perform the competition.



E-TEC is a direct injection two-stroke system controlled by an engine management module. This means an exact amount of fuel/oil is injected directly into the cylinder. Old two-stroke engines produce high exhaust emissions from unburned fuel that escapes with the exhaust.


It is a fuel-delivery technology that allows gasoline engines to burn more efficiently, resulting in more power, cleaner emissions, and increased fuel economy. Direct injection is such a superior technology, that almost every major car manufacturer includes this as part of their engine strategy.


The fuel injector design requires less operating current to activate, meaning we are able to use smaller electronics which operate at cooler temperatures. Cooler running electronics equals more durability.


NASA-developed aluminum alloy enhances the Evinrude E-TEC engine’s durability two times stronger than conventional alloys. The space-age material significantly extends piston lifespan and enables higher wear resistance and greater stability at high temperatures. Engineers also saw environmental advantages from this alloy.


Just like any rope start motor, the E-TEC engine generates its own electricity. It is a computer controlled fuel injection system that delivers amazing fuel efficiency, instant throttle response, smooth quiet performance, and unparalleled hydrocarbon emissions.


In addition to the advanced direct injection technology, we invented the revolutionary Evinrude E-TEC G2 outboard engine.